Wear The Tissot PRS 516 For A Commanding Presence

Tissot PRS 516-T100.417.11.031.00Your personality and aura are revealed with the attire, and the accessories that you wear and watch is something which creates an impact on the onlooker at first. A fairly chunky piece having a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 12.9 mm, Tissot PRS 516 has a commanding presence in the industry. An appropriate dimension for a perfect sports watch, it has a defining theme made from quality carbon revealing different shades and textures of black. In short, it is a very cool looking watch. Along with a black PVD coated case made of steel that has polished edges and a brushed surface, it has a stunning look for everyone to admire.

The Distinctive Features  

The face of the watch and the bezel feature of the fine woven carbon fiber display an intrinsic beauty of the watch. While the shape of the case, the hands, and other details are kept distinctly vintage, the hi-tech materials inside and the predominantly black appearance speaks more of the modern times. To add to the beauty, there is a unique mild blue accent seen in the second’s hand, the thin ring located under the bezel and the ‘516’ mark. The red color, which symbolizes speed, are also found in other places of the Tissot PRS 516 automatic chronograph range.

Reflection Of Style

The five minutes intervals in the fixed carbon fiber bezel have a narrow look which adds to the style. This gives the watch an extra wide face which makes all the contents on it legible under the sapphire crystal. The official image of the company shows the carbon fiber in the most dramatic presence which is quite understandable. Though the effect is more subtle when seen in gentler light, you will feel the reflection of the style of the watch more prominently in slanting sunlight.

The Unique Face Of Tissot PRS 516      

The face of the watch is unique which once again adds to the style of the watch and marks its prominent presence. It not only has a unique and deep three-dimensionality but also has a different variety of textures as well. There is a strong contrast revealed through the immaculate design when the hands, the hour indices and the minutes track float above the central circle of the carbon fiber amidst the plain black ring on the outside. The most unusual thing is that the hands pass under the indices. In short, the face has all the features properly designed to give a pleasant but prominent appearance to the watch.

It Has The Power

You do not have to worry about the power of the Tissot PRS 516 watch as it has almost 80-hour power reserve. Once fully wound, it can go on for three days. If you have mobility difficulties or a sedentary lifestyle and achieve half of the reserve in each day, it will keep on going overnight until the next day. This will allow you to rest the watch on the weekends. Add to is, since the crown of the watch is not the typical screw down variety, you can easily give a few turns any time you want which makes the watch most favored for stylish people.

Tissot PRS 516 Gent
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