Looking for a Sporty Watch: Tissot T Race is the Right Choice

Tissot has been known for producing top notch designer and classy watches for all types of people. Looking for a perfect business watch, you’ll find it here. Want something for casual days; you have a wide collection here. And recently, the brand launched another marvel in the sports segment. Tissot T Race series is magnificently a great release from the company. The watch is amazingly solid and the art-like design makes it all the more flawless.

It has been marked as a winner on and off the charts. The bike racing aspired designing and enthusiastic style with a small dose of lucid colors, brings all these models to gears and provides them an equally amazing strong commencing position. With the release of Tissot T-Race, the company’s passion for motor sport collection has advanced into the latest fashion lane.

Main Specs of Tissot T-Race models

  • Quartz motion
  • Black dial
  • Black rubber strap
  • Stainless steel body
  • Water resistant to 100M.

Men will love the impeccable collection of the Tissot T-Race. These watches are a real eye catcher and worth checking out. It comes with a diameter of more than 43mm, and thickness of 12.17mm. It is made with stainless steel and PVD coating. The screen of the watch has been crafted with scratch resistant sapphire crystal for the perfect biker look.  Even though you bump into anything, you will not see a scratch on the watch. The black dial has been encrypted with Arabic and Index numerals. It also has a chronograph spec.

Tissot T Race Gent
T092.417.27.057.03 T092.417.27.207.00  T092.427.27.201.00 T092.417.27.067.00
Tissot T Race-T092.417.27.057.03 Tissot T Race-T092.417.27.207.00 Tissot T Race-T092.427.27.201.00 Tissot T Race-T092.417.27.067.00
T092.417.27.057.02  T048.417.37.057.00  T048.417.27.057.06  T048.417.27.057.01
Tissot T Race-T092.417.27.057.02 Tissot T Race-T048.417.37.057.00 Tissot T Race-T048.417.27.057.06 Tissot T Race-T048.417.27.057.01
T048.417.27.057.00 T048.417.27.037.00
Tissot T Race-T048.417.27.057.00 Tissot T Race-T048.417.27.037.00

Speaking about the strap of the watch, it has a black rubber strap with folding clasp with push buttons. It is easy on the wrists and gives a perfect grip. The band width is around 21mm. The watch boasts of a long battery life of 38 months. The major functions of the T Race watch include chronograph, date, hour, time, second displayer and tachymeter.

The fit and finish of this sporty watch is perfect with zero flaws and the silicon band makes the watch perfectly on the wrist. The chrono and date of the watch is precise and the hands are well-aligned. The Swiss made collection has a round case shape and analog dial type. There are three sub dials of 60 seconds, 30 minute and 1/10th of a second.  The watch has the ability to glow at night and the luminescent hands look good.

All the watch owners love the look and function of the watch. It is one of the best releases from Tissot. If you’re looking for something subtle yet attractive, flamboyant yet sophisticated, then this is the perfect choice.

For those who are into sports watches and love to add a gem in their collection will find the Tissot T-Race highly inspiring. It is a perfect mate for bikers, sport lovers and adventure freaks. The watch is available online and can be purchased with just few mouse clicks. So, feel free to place your order for this amazingly stylish watch and enjoy it on your wrist. It gives you a sheer feeling of manliness and style.

Tissot T Race Lady
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Tissot T Race-T048. Tissot T Race-T048. Tissot T Race-T048. Tissot T Race-T048.417.27.012.00