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Ticwatch E2 SmartWatch Review

Overview TicWatch E2 is swim friendly and comes equipped with a pre-loaded swim monitoring mode to keep track of how your swims benefitted your health and fitness. Swim style detection Lap count Stroke count Duration

Ticwatch S2 SmartWatch Review

Overview Designed for your outdoor lifestyle. Powerful built-in navigation system will keep you connected in remote areas and high altitudes, as a MIL-STD-810G certification and a waterproof rating of 5 ATM means your watch can


Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness Tracker Review

Overview Fitbit Inspire HR is a friendly heart rate & fitness tracker for every day that helps you build healthy habits. This encouraging companion motivates you to reach your weight and fitness goals and even enjoy the journey with 24/7 heart rate, workout features, calorie burn tracking, goal celebrations, sleep

Fitbit Charge 3 Review

  Overview & Features Charge 3 uses our most advanced heart rate sensors and algorithms to uncover meaningful insights on your heart. See how long you’re in light, deep and REM sleep and get personalized insights to learn how to get better rest. Fitbit App Dashboard: Set goals, find inspiration,


Amazfit Verge Review

Xiaomi Amаzfit Vеrgе A wаtсh is one оf the mоѕt straightforward уеt beneficial invеntiоnѕ еvеr mаdе by human bеingѕ. It is nоt оnlу a utilitу dеviсе that kеерѕ uѕ аwаrе of the date and timе, but it is also a ѕtуlе ѕtаtеmеnt for mаnу. It is essential tо сhооѕе the реrfесt wаtсh that matches your personality аnd look. Nоwаdауѕ I bеliеvе we аrе all familiar with thе build quality thе Xiаоmi offers. Nоt оnlу in ѕmаrtрhоnеѕ and ѕоmе оthеr products, but thе company has also еxраndеd itѕ ԛuаlitу approach in thе smartwatches саtеgоrу as wеll. Thе Xiаоmi Amаzfit Verge is imрrеѕѕivе if I muѕt tеll уоu the truth. It nоt оnlу bоаѕtѕ a grеаt build but gоеѕ реrfесtlу if уоu

Amazfit Stratos Review

 Overview & Features   Screen  & Case & Strap 1.34 inch LCD color touch display. 320 x 300 px. Polished ceramic bezel, scratch-resistant 2.5D Corning Gorilla glass, stainless steel physical buttons for easy navigation 22 mm standard width changeable watch band. Activity Tracking  MULTISPORT TRACKING Get detailed analytics for 12+ different sports modes.  Detailed sports tracking: running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical machine, mountaineering, trail running, triathlon, tennis, soccer and skiing  Battery Battery life: 5 days regular use / 11 days basic use.   Water resistance Water resistance: 5 ATM certified, equivalent to about 80 PSI, 164 feet or 50 meters water depth.   Health tracking Heart rate sensor: Optical (PPG). Automatically track your daily steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned,


Get In Style with All New Tissot PRC 200 Automatic Chronograph Watch

You cannot help but take a glance at the Tissot PRC 200 watch on anyone’s whose wearing it. The premium wrist watch is a magnificent piece of accessory as well as timepiece. Designed with top notch stainless steel as well as scratch resistant glass, this Swiss made watch can be carried out for generations. The chronograph sub-dials and beautiful black dial adds to the look of the watch giving it a casual as well as sporty ..Read more..

Tissot PRC 200 Gent
T055.427.16.017.00 T055.410.11.047.00 T055.417.11.047.00 T055.417.11.057.00
Tissot PRC 200-T055.427.16.017.00 Tissot PRC 200-T055.410.11.047.00 Tissot PRC 200-T055.417.11.047.00 Tissot PRC 200-T055.417.11.057.00


Tіѕѕоt PR 100 Watches

Tіѕѕоt is аn old swiss brаnd wіth a very іntеrеѕtіng history, аnd many technical іnnоvаtіоnѕ ѕuсh as the fіrѕt росkеt wаtсh with twо timezones аnd thе fіrѕt аntі-mаgnеtіс wаtсh. This іѕ a review оf thе Tіѕѕоt PR100, a modern ‘every dау’ watch from Tіѕѕоt, passing for anything frоm a drеѕѕ wаtсh tо a саѕuаl wеаr wаtсh..Read more..

Tissot PR 100 Gent
T101.408.11.031.00 T101.451.11.051.00  T101.451.26.031.00  T101.451.22.031.00
Tissot PR 100-T101.408.11.031.00 Tissot PR 100-T101.451.11.051.00 Tissot PR 100-T101.451.26.031.00 Tissot PR 100-T101.451.22.031.00


Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles: An Ultimate Choice for Tissot Lovers

When we think of watches that are of the highest standards, the name that automatically comes to our mind is Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles. And why not, as there are lots of reasons that make this brand a leading one in the world.
You will get a great choice of Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles when you filter your choice by gender, size, dial color, strap and movement.. Read more..

Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles Gent
T099.407.16.058.00 T099.408.36.038.00 T099.407.16.037.00  T099.407.22.037.00
Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles-T099.407.16.058.00 Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles-T099.408.36.038.00 Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles-T099.407.16.037.00



Looking for a Sporty Watch: Tissot T Race is the Right Choice

Tissot has been known for producing top notch designer and classy watches for all types of people. Looking for a perfect business watch, you’ll find it here. Want something for casual days; you have a wide collection here. And recently, the brand launched another marvel in the sports segment. Tissot T Race series is magnificently a great release from the company. The watch is amazingly solid and the art-like design makes it all the more flawless..Read More..

Tissot T Race Gent
T092.417.27.057.03 T092.417.27.207.00  T092.427.27.201.00 T092.417.27.067.00
Tissot T Race-T092.417.27.057.03 Tissot T Race-T092.417.27.207.00 Tissot T Race-T092.427.27.201.00 Tissot T Race-T092.417.27.067.00



Find Your Tissot

Tissot Swiss watches since 1853

Tissot Watches Are The Ideal Blend of Perfection

Tissot watches have always been the talk in the watch world for many years. The creation and introduction of new model watches has changed the reputation of the Tissot watches. This has created a revolution in the Tissot watches sale recently. Being a Swiss brand these watches are the summit among the watch buyers.

The introduction of the T-Touch series has changed the earlier position of the brand in the market completely. It has transformed Tissot brand from its traditional style to a watch giant in sports watches within a few time span of ten years.  Let’s take a quick review and important features of these Tissot watches and understand why it’s so special. These comes with some great features which you will love to have.

The plus sign in the logo symbolises the Swiss quality and reliability Tissot has shown since 1853. The watches, sold in more than 160 countries, are authentic, accessible and use special materials, advanced functionalities and meticulous design. Tissot stands by its signature, Innovators by Tradition. The high calibre of the brand has been repeatedly recognised.
Tissot has been named Official Timekeeper and Partner of many disciplines, including, basketball with the NBA, FIBA and CBA; cycling with the Tour de France and the UCI World Cycling Championships; motorsports with MotoGPTM and the FIM World Superbike Championship and rugby with the RBS 6 Nations Championship, TOP14, the European Rugby Champions and Challenge Cups. It is also the Official Timekeeper of the World Championships of fencing and ice hockey and of the AFL.You can find and buy tissot watches on

Feature of Tissot Watches


The barometer function of Tissot watches is referred to as meteo by the company. The meaning of the term is that the user gets an indication about the meteorological tendencies. The watch in barometer mode will gives a display of the atmospheric pressure as well in HectoPascals.

The hands of the new trend of watches join together and provide indications of the weather for its users. The cleverest part of the barometer of these watches is that it uses the final eight hours of the date for calculating the trends. Buy Tissot watches and enjoy this wonderful feature.


The thermometer that is present in the Tissot watches gives you the average ambient temperature. For getting the accurate temperature the user should remove the watch and then try. The watch should off the wrist of the user for at least about twenty minutes and the readings that it gives it accurate. You can check for better deals for buying cheap Tissot watches but always go for one which is of good quality.


The compass is the coolest function that is found in the watches from Tissot. This feature not only shows the user the magnetic north but it even calculates the true north. For finding the true north you need to configure the Tissot watches accordingly else it will show only the magnetic north. It is easy to get the declination details from the internet by using your postal code.


The latest trend of Tissot watches can calculate the altitude approximately. This is done by measuring the barometric pressure. The altimeter needs to be properly calibrated before calculating the altitudes. Your watch calculates the altitude every ten seconds if it is in the altimeter mode.

The new collections of Tissot watches come in vibrant colors and different configurations. If you are interested in getting one you can even try for discount Tissot watches. The case of these watches is either titanium or stainless steel. The dial is available in silver and white and the strap is of white or blue leather, steel or even rubber.

Finding the best one that suits your wrist is very easy with such ranges and collections available. It is always good to check out for prices online and in shops and close a best deal. Walk with style with the new trend of Tissot watches.

What is a chronograph?

A chronograph is used to measure time which has elapsed from a given moment. Its uses include timing the duration of a sporting event using the chronograph hand, accompanied by minute and hour counters. A chronograph therefore has two independent measuring systems, one to indicate the time and another to measure short periods of time.

What is a tachymeter and how is it used?

On a watch, a tachymeter is used to measure average speed over a given distance. To be specific it is a chronograph with a graduated scale on the dial or the glass, on which speed can be read off in kilometres per hour based on a 1000m distance. To read the tachymeter, only the chronograph’s central hand is used. Start the chronograph and stop it once 1000m have been travelled. You can then read off the speed indicated on the dial by the chronograph’s central hand.

Example for calculating the speed of a car,

The chronograph indicates that the distance of 1000m has been covered in 60 seconds. The chronograph’s central hand indicates 60 on the tachymeter scale. The average speed over 1000m is therefore 60 km per hour.


What is an Autoquartz watch? 

Autoquartz movements combine the advantages of a quartz watch and a self-winding watch. If worn for 60 to 80 days, the movement reaches a maximum power reserve of 100 days. It offers the precision of a quartz movement and functions without a battery, instead having an accumulator which recharges automatically from the movement of the wrist. The swinging movements of your wrist cause an oscillating weight to rotate. Each of its rotation activates a micro-generator which in turn charges an accumulator with electrical energy.


What is a unidirectional bezel?

A bezel is an adjustable ring on the case, often used to record additional data, such as the duration of an event or to read the time in a second time zone. A bidirectional bezel can rotate in both directions, clockwise and anticlockwise. A unidirectional bezel only turns one way to prevent it accidentally turning in the wrong direction and therefore giving a false reading.

Tissot PRS 200 Men’s Watches

The new Tissot PRS 200 models still keeps it’s sophisticated sportiness but has a sleeker appeal than the previous models and still representing for Precision, Robustness and Sportiness.

With many of its design features being diving inspired the performance of this timepiece as well as its design will be the perfect sporting companion.

T067.417.11.031.00 T067.417.21.051.00  T067.417.26.051.00  T067.417.33.041.01 
T067.417.11.031.01 T067.417.11.051.01
Cheap Tissot Watches Men’s

You can see some cheap popular Tissot watches in below list;

T109.410.16.032.00 T033.410.26.011.01 T109.610.16.037.00 T033.410.16.013.01
Tissot PRS 516 Men’s Watches

Tissot PRS 516 series takes time to reflect on its 1960s motorsport-inspired origins. Wearers of the Tissot PRS models are equipped with timepieces integrating the innovations in Swiss watchmaking to complement nostalgic design elements from the racetrack.

T100.417.37.201.00  T100.417.16.051.00  T100.417.11.051.00  T100.417.36.051.00
Tissot Watches Sale
T063.617.16.037.00 T095.417.11.067.00 T063.610.16.037.00 T066.417.11.047.00