Letsfit ID132 Fitness Tracker Review


Letsfit ID132 Fitness Tracker ReviewLetsfit ID132 Fitness Tracker is very good fitness tracker for a great price.  It has many features like heart rate monitoring, steps tracker, calories burned, sleep tracking and many more which one can easily track and see the results in the connected app. You can have a detailed analysis of your daily activities using the tracker and the app.

The display on Letsfit ID132 tracker is very nice. It’s a multi-colored display with a bright and clear display visible even in sunlight.

The tracker has walk, bike and run functions. It’s very easy to track any of these activities, you simply hold down the button on the face when you start, and then hold down the button again when stopping. When doing an activity, you can track the time, your heart-rate or the calories burned.

At a Glance
Model : Letsfit ID132 Fitness Tracker Display : 0.96″ bright LCD color screen
Built-in GPS : Colors: Black, blue, pink, purple, green
Heart Rate : Yes Touch screen : Yes (touch key)
Sleep Tracking : Yes Battery Life :  5-7 days
Step counter : Yes Speaker :
NFC Payment : Water Resistance : IP 68
Pros :
  • Letsfit ID132 fitness tracker is easy to operate, has a high quality.
  • It’s very light weight.
  • Once you charge it will work for at list 3 to 4 days.
  • The strap is comfortable.
Cons :
  •  There is no swimming mode on ID132 HR, so it would not record your swimming data.
User Rating :

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How long does the Letsfit ID132 Fitness Tracker work with one charge?
It always could work about 5-7 days after 1 full charge. it needs 1-2 hours for charging.

Failed to count steps accurately?
Regarding step counting, Letsfit ID132 Fitness band has a built-in 3D sensor. It registers your steps when you swing your arm. Sometimes the data on the device may display a little delayed. And it will reset itself if you walk less than 40 steps continuously. To test the accuracy of the pedometer, please walk casually and consistently up to 100 steps or more.

Failed to measure heart rate?
Make sure the fitness band sits neatly on your wrist before use. Tap on the touch key to go to the heart rate mode and wait for 10~20s to detect the heart rate.

Failed to sync your tracker data to APP?
To sync your tracker data to “VeryFitPro” APP, go to “VeryFitPro” APP and swipe down  main page under connection state.

Failed to receive SMS/Calls notifications
Calls/SMS notification function works when the deviceconnects to your smartphone via APP. Please kindly refer to the following tips:
1) Go to your smartphone system Settings, find “VeryFitPro” APP and enable the location and all Notifications. (Specific setting methods may vary according to different smartphones.)
2) Turn Bluetooth on and go to the “VeryFitPro” APP to bind the device.

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