MorePro Fitness Tracker Review

Every fitness activity requires a perfect timer. Today, I introduce to you the Morepro fitness health tracker, tracker color screen sport smartwatch. Morepro fitness tracker is a unique time tracker which comes with additional properties like heart rate, blood pressure, calories pedometer, sleep monitor and SMS remind for a smartphone.

Morepro fitness tracker is a unique splash-proof when it comes to swimming, and water-proof when washing hands. In addition to this, it is absolutely easy when it comes to keeping the Morepro fitness tracker clean. So, if you are looking for a better companion when it comes to time tracking, heart rate monitoring and blood pressure monitoring, Morepro fitness tracker is the right choice for you.
It’s easy to carry around the clock and more so the tracker tracks your heart bites anywhere anytime thereby ensuring your health safety during your fitness training.

So, now that we have seen what a Morepro fitness tracker is, now lets us see what are the benefits which come in handy with this tracker? Below are some of the benefits associated with Morepro tracker:

Easy to set up
When it comes to setting up the Morepro fitness app, it is easy.
Physiological reminder
One of the exclusive features which come with the Morepro fitness tracker is the physiological reminder. This feature helps you track your physiological routine.
Auto sleep monitor
Do you have issues when it comes to monitoring your sleeping habits? Then worry no more, Morepro tracker comes with an auto sleep monitor which helps you track your sleeping habits.
Blood oxygen saturation monitor
Apart from the auto sleep monitor, Morepro fitness tracker comes with an exclusive blood oxygen saturation monitor which detects changes when it comes to blood saturation.
Below are exclusive features of the tracker:
Dynamic heart rate monitor
Morepro fitness tracker comes with a new dynamic heart rate monitor which trackers every bite on your heart.
USB plug
Morepro tracker comes with an additional feature whereby the arm wrist can be removed and be used as a USB plug where you can charger your tracker and also synch information onto your PC or smartphone.
Compatible with all smartphone
Most fitness trackers are compatible with specific smartphone, but when it comes to Morepro fitness tracker, it is compatible with all smartphone including a smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0, IOS 8.0 and above, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Huawei mate 7 and Android 4.4 and above.
Product dimension
It comes with product dimension 9.7×0.8×0.5 inches.
Lithium-ion battery
Morepro fitness tracker comes installed with a lithium-ion battery which last for more than 24 hours when active.
Female physiological, sleep monitoring, SMS notification, fatigue, stopwatch, heart rate warning and sedentary reminder.
Apart from the heart rate monitor, Morepro fitness tracker comes with essential features including a 24-hour continuous blood rate monitor.
Customer Satisfaction
The feedback obtained from people who have purchased Morepro fitness tracker to use for outdoor activities has been very beneficial when it comes to their latest update which has clearly shown an extent that every customer is satisfied.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Morepro fitness tracker handles the arm perfectly. Due to its lightweight, it’s hard for you to notice on your arm. It is convenient to all individuals, the arm wrist is adjustable to your comfort. Nevertheless, Morepro tracker comes with different wrist colors according to your choice. To some customers, however, the  fitness tracker may be a bit uncomfortable when it comes to tightening the arm wrist although this is not a major issue to concern with.
Common Questions Asked
Does the tracker give you blood pressure readings?
Yes, it does. The tracer records your blood pressure in whichever activity you are undertaking. A human being blood pressure vary depending on the activity undertaken and so, the Morepro fitness tracker helps in recording your activities and give a full report on your blood pressure.

Can this tracker be charged in another way apart from using a computer, for those who don’t own a computer?
Yes, you can. Simply plug in your Morepro fitness tracker on your charge and you are going to go. The current recurred to charge the tracker is similar to a smartphone charger.

While running, does the Morepro fitness tracker record the distance covered, heart rate bite per minute and calories burned?
Sure, the application installed in the Morepro tracker is designed in a way such that after a few minutes, the data recorded by the tracker automatically saves itself in the tracker’s memory and also recorded on your smartphone.
In case I don’t have a smartphone; can I use my personal computer for this work?
Yes, you can. Morepro fitness tracker is designed for both PC, desktops and smartphone. In case you don’t own a smartphone then worry less, the tracker can synch the data on your personal computer or your desktop.

As you have seen, Morepro fitness tracker is the best fitness tracker in the market. Apart from the exclusive features which the tracker comes with, Morepro fitness tracker comes at a fair price compared to other fitness trackers of the same genre. You will spend endless hours working out and yet Morepro tracker will still record all your body activities on your secondary device.
So far, from individuals who have purchased the Morepro tracker, there have been no complaints of whatever kind. Morepro fitness tracker also offers very good after sales services. Simple visit an online platform and choose the Morepro fitness tracker and enjoy the exclusive features which come with the tracker. Apart from outstanding features, Morepro fitness tracker is affordable and absolutely anyone can afford this gorgeous fitness tracker.


At a Glance
MorePro Fitness Tracker Review

  • MorePro fitness tracker is splash-proof when washing hands and waterproof while swimming. Additionally it is easier to keep clean.
  • Do you really want to run/bike with a chest strap or worse, an oximeter on your finger?
    MorePro wristband HR monitor which is easy to carry and 24-hours automatically to track your heart rate and blood pressure anywhere.
  • Easy to set up on app, personalize, and use.App shows lots of graphs, statistics and what not, tracking your current day and historic data.It’s help you to understand your fitness level and set a goal to improve.
Screen  & Case & Strap
  • 0.96-inch Color Screen.
Activity Tracking
  • MorePro fitness tracker tracks your daily movement, running and strength training activities, distance and calories burned, etc.
  • Easy to set up on app, personalize, and use.App shows lots of graphs, statistics and what not, tracking your current day and historic data.It’s help you to understand your fitness level and set a goal to improve.
  • Battery lasts 5-7 days by heavy loading, Battery lasts 7-10 days by light loading.
Water resistance
  • IP67 Water resistant.
Health tracking
  •  MorePro wristband HR monitor,  24-hours automatically to track your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • N/A
NFC Payment
  • N/A
Other Features
  • Syncing of phone notifications, you can customize which to include such as phone calls, texts, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and others.
Pros :
  • It’s lightweight, nice and smooth surface clean design.
  • Long last battery.
Cons :
  • There is no touch screen.
  • Some of users found that blood pressure is not accurate.
User Rating :     
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