Tissot Classic Dream: Features and Specifications

Right from the features to the specifications, you have to consider a lot of things when you want to buy a watch which will be the envy of others. A watch should match with your personality, dress that you wear and also the occasion that you attend. The external features of the watch depend on many factors like the material that it is made up of, the color, the design, the size, the band and much more. A watch may also be analog with Roman or Arabic numbers or a digital one; it may have rainbow hues or a cartoon character or may also be shaped like any particular instrument, especially musical.

Functionality Depends On Internal Features

When it comes to reliable and reputed watches like the Tissot Classic Dream, you can be sure to get the best and nothing else. Right from the external features of the internal specifications and features, everything will be unmatched and unparalleled when you buy a watch from a reputed manufacturer. The jewels used for better precision, water resistivity and functions may differ from watch to watch but what you can be sure of is the quality of service that it will give throughout its lifetime. Therefore, look at the internal features more carefully so that you have a watch which will keep time accurately for years to come.

Different Types Of Watch Movements 

Irrespective of the type of the watch, the performance of the Tissot Classic Dream Gent will depend on the type of watch movement. You can have manual or automatic mechanical chronographer which needs to be winded either automatically through the movement of your wrist or manually. The quartz chronographer watches do not require any winding but will certainly need the battery to be replaced from time to time. Then there is the automatic quartz or kinetic watches which combines the self-winding rotor mechanism for generating electricity along with the piezoelectric quartz for its timing.


Tissot Classic Dream Gent
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The Power Source

Watches have different types of power sources as well. All the modern watches including Tissot Classic Dream Lady use modern technology to the maximum to keep you free from winding your watch daily to keep it operational. You can have LID or titanium lithium iodine batteries which are charged by an amorphous silicon solar cell. You can also have Eco drive movement thermal watches that use your arm’s temperature along with the surrounding environment for the required power source.

Elegance And Grace

A watch is meant for enhancing the elegance and grace of the wearer, and there are a lot of ways in which you can increase that ‘Wow’ factor. Though a traditional and conventional good quality leather strap looks very elegant, you can also have the equally good looking and attractive bracelet watches to enhance your fashion sense. You have just to make sure that the color of the dial and the strap that you use perfectly match with each other along with the color and type of dress and accessories that you wear so that you do not look out of place.


Tissot Classic Dream Lady
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