Tissot Le Locle: A Gist on the Chronometer from Tissot

After the invention of quartz, more reliable timepieces ruled the watchmaking history. More innovative and advanced chronometer designation was released in fashion and Tissot was a pioneer to bring out the best. The Tissot Le Locle Chronometer is said to be the most accurate mechanical watch of this time. Designed with the Switzerland’s Controle Officiel Suisse Des Chronometers, this is a gem. You’ll be astounded to know that only 3% of all Swiss watch get the certification and this watch is one of them.

The winner of class watches competition, Le Locle has proven its accuracy over time. It is an exemplary release of fine watchmaking. Overall the watch is extremely handsome with minute little details presented nicely. The case is made of stainless steel with PVD rose gold covering, just like the applied markers and hands. The case band is beautifully brushed while the lugs and hands are well-polished. Dark grey and rose gold are a famous combo in the wrist watch industry and ultimately the look of the watch is appreciative. The guilloche design in the middle of the dial is a cool inclusion. The 3 o’clock silvered date is easy to read and bright and look quite pleasant to the eyes.

What’s Special about the Watch?

If you flip the watch, you see a split sapphire display at the back. Along with the lavish Tissot rotor, there is small finishing to it. It is a dynamic source of ascetic, functionality driven beauty along with split windows. You get to see an interesting design touch! With a good looking dial and amazingly finished case, the Le Locle Chronometer is an altered ETA 2824-2 movement. It can easily beat out the most respected brands of the world. And, its accuracy reveals its dominancy.


 Tissot Le Locle Gent
T006.428.11.038.02 T006.428.16.058.02 T006.428.22.038.02 T006.428.36.058.02
Tissot Le Locle-T006.428.11.038.02 Tissot Le Locle-T006.428.16.058.02 Tissot Le Locle-T006.428.22.038.02 Tissot Le Locle-T006.428.36.058.02
T41.1.483.33 T41.5.423.53 T006.408.11.057.00 T006.408.22.037.00
Tissot Le Locle-T41.1.483.33 Tissot Le Locle-T41.5.423.53 Tissot Le Locle-T006.408.11.057.00 Tissot Le Locle-T006.408.22.037.00
T006.428.16.058.01 T006.428.22.038.01 T006.428.36.058.01 T41.1.483.52
Tissot Le Locle-T006.428.16.058.01 Tissot Le Locle-T006.428.22.038.01 Tissot Le Locle-T006.428.36.058.01 Tissot Le Locle-T41.1.483.52
Tissot Le Locle-T41.1.423.33

The watch is an amazingly accurate mechanical timepiece and performs dynamically well on the wrist. With a 39mm case diameter, you get good straddling this modern line. It is neither too small to be worn with suit nor it is too big to go to the watch category boundaries. It is surely a wrist watch you can wear in different types of settings without thinking twice. Set the watch and you enjoy a good reminder service. It gives you the luxury to set the date display with one click. The watch has been rated water resistant to 30mm or 100ft.

The case of the watch is well-contoured and it sits well and tight to the wrist. It is surely the kind of watch you wish yourself forget wearing as it is highly comfy. The modifiable clasp holds the crocodile leather strap well and you don’t feel any irritation or problem. This COSC accredited chronometer watch has been priced reasonably and has been thoughtfully and beautifully designed. It is impeccably reliable, versatile and will serve your purpose well. You can wear it every day or on special occasions. If you love the rich history of Tissot, then the Le Locle Chronometer will definitely inspire you and will be a perfect choice for you.

 Tissot Le Locle Lady
T41.1.183.33 T41.2.183.34 T41.1.183.54 T41.1.183.34
Tissot Le Locle-T41.1.183.33 Tissot Le Locle-T41.2.183.34 Tissot Le Locle-T41.1.183.54 Tissot Le Locle-T41.1.183.34