Get In Style with All New Tissot PRC 200 Automatic Chronograph Watch

You cannot help but take a glance at the Tissot PRC 200 watch on anyone’s whose wearing it. The premium wrist watch is a magnificent piece of accessory as well as timepiece. Designed with top notch stainless steel as well as scratch resistant glass, this Swiss made watch can be carried out for generations. The chronograph sub-dials and beautiful black dial adds to the look of the watch giving it a casual as well as sporty look. Chronograph movement isn’t inexpensive. Tissot being a member of the Swatch group is a powerhouse of developing movements.

The watch has easy to read sub-dials which render great convenience and good functionality. It is secured by stainless steel bracelet and is easy to wear. There is also a range of alligator strap which feels quite nice to don. The design of the watch comprises of a fold over clasp with push button locking. Remarkably designed for daily use, the Tissot Chronograph wrist watch possesses a window designed of elegant and reliable sapphire to secure the face of the black dial.

The yellow hands on the chronograph make time recognition simpler. The complete security of the watch is done with a white tachymeter which add exude elegant touch to the complete accessory. The Tissot PRC 200 Gent possesses water resistant abilities to 200 meters. And, just like the others, it has been powered with the most reliant Swiss-quartz movement.

Some of the specs of the watch are:

  • The weight of the watch is 5.1 ounces
  • It features a dimension of 6.8 x 4.6 x 3.4 inches
  • It has a case diameter of 39.8mm
  • It boasts of chronograph functions
  • It carries valuable Swiss quartz movement
  • It is water resistant up to 600 ft
  • It comes beautifully designed with scratch resistant sapphire crystal
Tissot PRC 200 Gent
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Tissot PRC 200-T055.417.16.047.00 Tissot PRC 200-T055.417.17.057.01 Tissot PRC 200-T055.417.11.017.01

The watch lives up to the name of its brand and renders excellent time keeping skills. Users have used the watch for casual days as well as don it for business meetings too. Speaking about the Tissot PRC 200 Lady collection, the watch features a sleek and stylish look. It is available in leather strap as well as bracelet form. Women will love to wear this glamorous watch their wrist. Be it for party or casual outings, the women collection of PRC 200 is a sure win-win.

The PRC 200 just provides you with an accessible way to get in the gen of mechanical chronographs and it performs its job very well. The night illuminator takes a little long time to charge, but apart from this, there are no points where it faces discrimination. Overall, it enjoys excellent review rating and is one of the best timepieces from Tissot at the price range it has been marked at.

It has gained a lot of fan following and will surely rule your hearts for some time. It is a perfect accessory to transfer it your heirs and make it your legacy. Check out the collection online and see whether you desire a strap model or the bracelet one!

Tissot PRC 200 Lady
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