Tissot T Touch Expert Solar – The Light Powered Version

Tissot T Touch Expert-T091.420.47.051.01The pioneering spirit of Tissot is what led to the creation of the tactile watches in the year 1999. It is the first company to present a touch screen watch that is powered entirely by solar energy.

With this Tissot was able to confirm its position as the leader who uses tactile technology when it comes to watchmaking. The rays of light from the sun on the dial will help to recharge the watch as well as to tender main functions in the everyday use. You can get all these facilities in the modern and stylish watch from Tissot.

For several years Tissot has been delivering an affordable option on watches. It was providing the right solution for people who look for a little more prestigious and stylish on their wrist. Swiss watches can never be matched with other watches in the market across the world.

Tissot finally have stepped up their game where they have merged the tech world to the craftsmanship. The Tissot T- Touch Expert solar the brand new model that belongs to the T-Touch Expert series.

What does T-Touch Expert Solar watches Do?

In the latest Tissot T-Touch series of watches a touch screen replaces the button functions. Imagine getting Instagram, Twitter and all the remaining social platforms with the help of solar energy. Yes, that is what the new T-Touch series offers to its users. There is no headache of changing the batteries as the entire watch runs on solar power. The meteorological part of the new Tissot T-Touch Expert solar comes with altimeter, barometer, compass and other related features. These features can be of incredible use to the people who make use of these applications. Getting used to all the features in this watch will take some time, but it is very easy to get used to the same.

To further help you the T-Touch’s inventory also has alarm, countdown timer and stopwatch. The Tissot T-Touch watches delivers all the required tools while sailing or hiking without the fear of running out of power in the watches.  The Tissot focus on each and every technical details can be seen on the design of the watch by itself. This time rather than going for a classic design the experts have focused on a military aesthetic design that makes it completely a sports watch.

One can make the watch to look more stylish by pairing it with a durable case of titanium and also an anti-scratch sapphire crystal. This will make you to have one of the very strongest watches mainly when it comes to outdoor activities. In addition to all these features a Tissot T-Touch Expert solar has got a 100m resistance to water and also a dial of size of about 45mm dial. There are many features that are associated with these touch screen series from Tissot.

The looks of the watch can be deceiving but inside the hard shell of the watch you can see a range of features that can make a wonderful outdoor trip. Get a Tissot T-Touch expert and live with pride with a unique style.

Tissot T Touch Expert Gent
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Tissot T Touch II Gent
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Tissot T Touch II-T047.420.47.207.01 Tissot T Touch II-T047.420.44.207.00