TISSOT T-Touch Expert Solar- T091.420.44.051.00 Review


TISSOT T-Touch Expert Solar- T091.420.44.051.00The T-Touch Expert Solar Titanium with reference T091.420.44.051.00 is one of the latest versions of the first T-Touch model released in 1999. When Tissot launched its first multifunctional Touch Watch in 1999, it immediately became a success. The general public was surprised to see a sports watch with incredible features that can be activated simply by touching the glass. At that time, ABC (Altimeter, Barometer and Compass) computer clocks were only made by brands such as Casio and Suunto, just to name a few.

Despite the decade-long improvement in solar technology for clocks, only in 2014 was a T-Touch with solar capacities introduced to the market. This was a crucial moment and you can finally jumped into the water and got a T-Touch Expert Solar Reference T091.420.44.051.00.

Size and weight

The first thing to notice would be the difference between the size of the watch and its actual weight. With a width of 45 mm and a height of 13 mm, together with a metal strap for a width of 22 mm, it should have some weight. However, the use of titanium as the base material would only tilt the scale to 123 grams. Okay, it’s not difficult, but its size is considerable. If you want to use the T-Touch as an adventurous configuration. Note that with the Tissot rubber belt option, the rubber band must be trimmed to a size that will not allow resizing later. If an option is given on the belt option, the fabric belt (with a buckle buckle) would be more useful in the long run. Although you can use aftermarket belts from other manufacturers in the 22 mm category, as the last link in the T-Touch is unique, you will see a clear gap between the strap and the case of the watch.

The Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar on the bracelet has a sense and radiates a sense of sophistication. The gray tone in the Titan creates the dark mystical feeling that puts it in the same league as the Omega Skywalker X-33. However, the titanium bracelet does not have a large micro-adjustment capacity.

The interface and function

The T-Touch Expert Solar T091.420.44.051.00 is protected by anti-reflective sapphire crystals and designed to withstand water pressure of up to 100 meters. Under the front sapphire crystal is a woven ball of black carbon fiber. There are hour and minute markers around the edge of the dial. Two types of hour markers are used, which vary between odd and even hours. These markers, as well as the hour and minute hands, are painted with bright SuperLuminova paint. The lower part of the dial is also the LCD screen. On both sides of the function key there are two additional keys labeled “+” and “-“. The function key and the pushbuttons are also black PVDs, eg the chamfer.

From a distance, the watch looks like a regular analog watch with a line that is easy to see and read. Although the hands are short, there is a high contrast to the dial, which makes the T-Touch Expert Solar readable.

TISSOT T-Touch Expert Solar- T091.420.44.051.00-2Dial

The dial and the sapphire touch crystal, which gives the T-Touch its name, are the stars of this watch. The dial is neatly divided in half. The upper part consists of solar cells that look almost like woven carbon fiber. The lower half of the quadrant is the LCD screen. Note that the LCD screen is an inverted screen that blends in better with half the black carbon fiber dial. The tactile sapphire crystal is divided into six sections and denoted by the function names printed on the inside of the front panel functions. By touching the various sections of the tactile sapphire crystal, the user can access the basic functions.


  • Brand model: T-Touch Solar T091.420.47.051.00
  • Motion (Technology): ETA E84.303
  • Size of case diameter (mm): 45 mm x 45 mm
  • Height of the case: 13 mm
  • Weight: 79g
  • Case material: titanium coating with PVD
  • Glass Material: Sapphire crystal
  • Water resistance (m / ft / atm): 100 m / 10 bar
  • Strap material: black rubber strap with folding clasp with buttons
  • Battery: Renata LMR2018


  • Very good watch with carbon fiber pattern on the dial
  • Easy to use with touchscreen function
  • 6 very useful functions built into the clock.
  • The titanium case and strap make the watch light and comfortable to use
  • The sapphire crystal ensures that the screen is not scratched
  • Solar energy, so there are no concerns about battery life and change


  • The old-generation screen is not pleasant and informative
  • No thermometer function

Should you buy it?

Of the various functions, it is very obvious that it is a functional tool / clock for those who need it. Besides the movement with solar energy (which is really good), it also has the compass, the altimeter and the meteo (weather forecast), which are very useful for these people. Not to mention that these features can be used by those who are not the outdoor type, and it’s a very good thing. Racing fans will find that the excellent features of the Chrono are very useful for them. And with an elegant steel look and a nice carbon fiber pattern on the dial, it’s a great watch to wear. The lightweight titanium case makes it easy and comfortable to wear.

TISSOT T-Touch Expert Solar- T091.420.44.051.00-3


The T-Touch Expert Solar T091.420.44.051.00 is a very powerful adventure watch that offers essential features for everyday use, such as a perpetual calendar with day and week display, two alarms, two time zones, weather forecast with relative pressure, altimeter with differential meter, Rotate chronograph and split with logbook, compass with azimuth reference, timer with regatta function and backlight

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